Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tutorial on how to create a treasury on etsy

SALE 1963 LARGE Lady Head Vase - 7 inches tall  WAS 99.00

I have a shop on the etsy web site -

I sell some of my handmade items there,
 and I occasionally have vintage books or craft books that I sell there -

Etsy has a site on their web that is called 'Treasury'.
These are treasuries that are put together by members,
with a specific theme in mind.

1950s Lady Head Vase Filled with Kitschy Plastic Flowers

I have so much fun putting these treasuries together!
First, I will think of something that I love,
like mermaids.
Then I 'window shop' for mermaids from the entire etsy website,
that fit my theme!
Hundreds of different shops.
I don't know, prob'ly thousands by now.
It's big.
It's handmade.
It's global.
It's like shopping, only you don't have to pay anything,
you just find treasures!
Of course, I can purchase anything I find.

You can find the list of treasuries that I have put together here:

Lefton Blonde Lady Head Vase Headvase Pearl Necklace Purple Glove

Today's blog I am showing you items from my treasury

a flower for her hat

All the photos show you Lady Head vases that are for sale 
from different etsy shops.
That's one of the rules -
each slot has to be from a different shop.
There are 16 slots to fill.

Lady Headvase Southern Belle

Another rule is that I cannot feature one of my items in the treasury -
However, other etsy members can put an item for sale from my shop,
and put it into one of their treasuries.

Inarco Ladys Head Vase Upcycled

I chose these listings and theme for my treasury
because my grandmother had a collection of lady's head vases.
I only have one.

Vintage Lady's Head Vase

It is like the one above, only I think mine is prettier!
She is covered with tiny glaze cracklings.
I love her, and think of my grandmother whenever I look at it.

doll head vase,vintage, very rare, young woman with green bonnet and blouse, brown hair ruby red lips, flawless condition

Vintage Velco Head Vase Gorgeous Lady Redhead 10759 Made in Japan

Vintage LADY Head VASE 1960

To make my new treasury listing easiest,
I find items I want to include, and then I 'favorite' them.
This puts the items into my Favorites folder.

50s Vintage Lady Head Vase

I can look at these anytime by simply hitting the 'heart' button
at the top of my etsy page.
I keep my favorites open to public, so anyone can see what items I like the most.
Some people prefer to keep them private.

Stunning Vintage NAPCO CHRISTMAS JEWELED LADY HEAD VASE Red Gem Stone Headvase by Jennifer Leigh

When I want to make a new treasury,
I make sure I have more than 16 items chosen for that theme.
Because sometimes an item is sold before you have a chance
to put it into your treasury!

Vintage Porcelain Enesco Lady Head Vase

Also, many times, an item will sell in a day or two after being listed in a treasury.
As the 'curator' of the treasury,
I need to keep it updated for as long as I have it posted.

Vintage Lady Head Vase

Now that I have my items chosen, and I have opened the window for
"new treasury list",
I am ready to go!

Vintage Ladys Head Vase Unusual

I go to each 'favorite' item, and copy and paste the 'address' for the item.
I copy the address, and then paste it into each box of the treasury.
When I click 'ok', each listing's picture will pop up!

Bamboo View - Head Vase Lady Art by Brent Rodgers

When I am done filling all 16 slots,
 I can move the pictures around to a pleasing order by click and drag.
At the top, I fill in a little comment,
usually about why I chose this particular treasury,
or a memory it evokes.

Vintage lady with hat flower vase in very nice condition

After adding some tags to the treasury, I am done.
Then I hit save, and it becomes a treasury!
Tags are words that someone searching for an item might type in,
and discover your treasury.

I hope this little tutorial has helped anyone that is a member of etsy
to create their own treasuries.

I also hope you will explore the treasuries that I have put together!

...and while you're on the etsy web site,
why now check out my shop?!!

I am barely back from our little vacation,
we went to Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.
Great fun, fantastic museums, wow food,
I'll let you know about it in an upcoming blog.
First I have to download,
and 'fix'
all the photos I took with my new camera!

It's nice to be back home too.


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