Saturday, August 6, 2011

M'Lady Faire and her Castle


pronounced "shoe-my"

Hello, from South Wales

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Let us take a peek at the women of the Medieval Castle today.

Great Eras Collection, Medieval Barbie, 1995

From the scouring servants
to the kitchen
to the ladies in waiting,
to the master hall,
the castle couldn't have been run properly without women.
(Of course, a properly run castle also needed men!)

card from Rubber Stamp Avenue's Gallery, using RSA stamps

I will be adding more cards from RubberStampAvenue's Card Gallery.
I love her stamps!
You can see most of her catalog here:

If you love pirates, mermaids, knights,
oh, just every category...
she has it!
Visit, order, and say Karen from Brighton sent you!

I like this one because it looks to me like the 'princess' is just enjoying  a nice day outside, and there are these knights on horses rushing around, but she doesn't seem alarmed at all. They're just silly knights you know.
That's what they do!

Donegal Castle Keep, restored, Ireland

Liana has made some wonderful paper doll costumes that fit with our theme:

She has stopped creating her wonderful paper doll costumes. I am very sad.
You can see her extensive old blogs here:

I think we should all inundate her with requests for more!

The traditional view of Maids in the time of Chivalry and Knights is
This is, of course, the romanticized view of women because of the Chivalry Code.

"The institution of chivalry forms one of the most remarkable features in the history of the Middle Ages."

- Horatio Alger

I will talk about Chivalry in another blog,
as today we devote our time to M'Lady Faire.

painting, a scene from King Lear, Shakespeare

Princess of the Irish Court, Barbie, 2001

Burresheim Castle, Germany
vintage illustration

Portrait of a Woman
by Robert Campin c.1420

Here are some paintings from the Medieval Ages that show women
doing a bit more than
being delicate
and fragile
and idle.

Women as Warriors, c.1430




Why not take inspiration from some of the paintings above,
and draw and color some more outfits for this Lady.

Medieval painting, woman milking cow
Zarnek Malborku
Poland, 13th century

fantasy prince and princess to color

a Fantasy Lady's costume from Liana:
inspired from the movie "Voyage of the Dawn Treader",
based on the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S.Lewis

from an article about historical women's accessories

I have enjoyed this adventure through Medieval Ages,
from the woman's perspective.

Oh yes, I still have more castles and knights and Chivalry to come!

hand tinted vintage illustration of Romeo and Juliet
Not quite the Medieval Ages, but still cool!


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