Monday, August 29, 2011

A Mermaid Monday

[Hawaiian for hello]

a fun series of digitally altering famous people into other things,
like a merman - Jim Carrey

Today is a mermaid kind of day.
I'm hoping to see the mermaids in the new Pirates of the Caribbean soon.
I like unusual mermaids,
and pretty mermaids.
You can leave me out when it comes to
'let's make an almost pornographic image/photo/painting,
pop it into a mermaid costume and call it a mermaid' arena.
I don't particularly like ugly mermaids either.
You know, the scary ones with weird gill things going on
and talons instead of fingers.....
let's have a "nice" mermaid day today!

One of my mermaid Barbies. I try to collect them whenever I can.

very sorry, unknown artist
Do you know who painted this? Let me know:

"Mermaid Sighting"
Anne Hathaway

No decent mermaid day would be complete
without a lovely Liana's mermaid costume:

These are from her Paper Boutique line of paper dolls.

These next costumes fit her newer dolls, facing to the left.

Why not get out just a few beads, and make up this quickie mermaid pattern?

'Mermaid Mini'

Get out a few more beads,
take some more time, and make this 'down under' mermaid:

"I'm tired of all this nonsense
 about beauty being only skin deep.
That's deep enough.
What do you want -
an adorable pancreas?"

- Jean Kerr

a Laurel Birch mermaid fabric, made into pincushion,

a Heritage stencil

These mermaids are all hand painted!

These next mermaids are just a few of the
Collage Art Doll Mermaids that I have made.
I use all recycled junk mail to create and hand cut
my costumes, tails, purses, hair, etc.
I have so much fun making these, it hardly seems like working!

"Blue, blue mermaid"
by inkspired

"Shopping for Lunch" mermaid
Collage Art Doll by inkspired

"Mermaid Pearls" original Collage Art Doll by inkspired 

 "Blue Hair With Pearls"
Collage Art Doll Mermaid by inkspired

"Lagoon Pearls" Collage Art Doll original

"Seriousness is the only refuge
of the shallow."

- Oscar Wilde

Mermaid Lagoon Limited Edition pin, Disney, from 'Peter Pan'

Mermaid pin by Kati Savage

Mermaid in Art Deco style

vintage cover of Life magazine

photo by Rene Maltete

original painting by joojoo, etsy

'Mermaid in the Sea' pincushion by

Mermaid musings...
enough for a little while!

Is there a subject you would like me to cover?
Let me know

"Everything you can imagine
is real."

- Pablo Picasso

sending calming breezes and mermaid good wishes your way,

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