Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Last Minute August Holidays

(Spanish for hello)

Just in the nick of time...
we have some last days of August holidays to celebrate!

In no partial order, let's start with
Peach MonthAugust 1 - 31

"I don't like people,
But I like individuals."

- Edward Abbey


"Love beauty;
it is the shadow of God on the universe."

- Gabriela Mistral

recycled/upcycled bottlecap magnets
with a hand tweaked and
hand colored Art Nouveau Alphabet
by inkspired

Second, we have

National Catfish Month
August 1 - 31

a blue catfish

I must admit, fishing has never been my thing.
Looking for photos to go with the Catfish Month, I was really grossed out!
Catfish are mean-ugly!

So, I have chosen illustrations for Catfish Month:



I mean, really, people eat these things?

Next and finally we have

National Toasted Marshmallow Day!
August 30

Now here's a day I can celebrate!

Toasted marshmallows and camping go hand in hand.
I like to think my Dad was the camping expert of his time.
He trained many men and women to be great camping experts world wide.

Go DT!

I have spent many evenings growing up around a campfire,
roasting marshmallows.
I could generally do without the chocolate or graham crackers,
but those yummy, crisp and gooey marshmallows...

Just sounds yummy, doesn't it?

Here is a must-have for all those chilly evenings around the fire:

toasted marshmallow charms by

So, on the way home from picking up the kids from school,
or going home from work,
or on the way back from your workout,
pick up some marshmallows!
you can get the Hershey's chocolate bars and box o' graham crackers too!

and maybe a peach or two...

See you tomorrow!


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