Friday, July 8, 2011

A sunny Delphinium July Day

pronounced 'sairvoose'

(informal Hungarian)

"Girl with Hoop" by C.Monet

Today's blog I will be exploring
otherwise known as

I had no idea that Delphiniums and Larkspurs were the same!

According to the Victorian Language of Flowers,
there are different meanings for Larkspur,
certain colors mean certain things,
and they seem to separate Larkspur from Delphinium

let the fun begin!

Pink Larkspur can mean Fickleness.

A single larkspur can also mean Fickleness.

'violet splendor' delphinium

Double Larkspur (Delphinium) means Haughtiness.

Larkspur can also mean Beautiful Spirit.

Let's see what color this little elf makes his flowers:

Delphinium hybrids

vintage illustration

Here is a wonderful embroidery transfer:
It includes the second flower of July:
The Water Lily

We will be exploring the water lily another day.

Delphinium can also mean Boldness.

botanical illustration of the larkspur/delphinium

Larkspur is also referred to as meaning Levity and Lightness.

Sounds like the Victorians just weren't quite sure
what to do with these lovely flowers!

No matter what color,
or what different colors may or may not mean,
I have found a flower that I will definitely
try to grow in my garden!

'friendship colors my garden'

vintage illustration

I have enjoyed learning about these lovely flowers.
We will still explore the meanings of the water lily,
and so many more flowers!


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