Saturday, July 23, 2011

National 'Hot Enough For Ya?' Day


(Bosnian for Hi!)

'Beachy Stripes'
original Collage Art doll,

Today is National "Hot Enough For 'Ya?" Day

We are also in the midst of
"The Dog Days of Summer"

At the Beach by lostntooele

I think today is a good day to think of cool things.
Cold things.
Things that effort!
Air Conditioning.
Perhaps a swim with the dolphins,
we might even see a mermaid!

'seaside cove'
stamped with stampscapes stamps

a 'micro' small mermaid to bead or?

boy and girl fish to cut out and frame,
or put on the front of an album,
or on a scrapbooking page,
or make a card with!

Lets' be sure and wear our coolest outfit,
perhaps like these from Liana -

(You know, tiaras are fashionable any day or anywhere, of course!)

more fish in grasses to cut out (scherensnitte)

fishbowl cake with wavy candles

Maybe we'll go lay on the beach and cool our feet,
or fins...

Tatiana, mermaid for rent

We can gather some shells to take home...

We can snorkel if we want
(this is a dream, so we all can snorkel!)
and see some awesome creations from God's creativity -

soft tree coral

soft coral water reef mushroom

soft coral water reef colour pink

sea fan coral, ocean reef

a Chinese paper cut fish

Wait a minute!!!

Those aren't in the ocean!!!
tee hee

Well I suppose you are going to tell me these aren't either?

or these?

'dreaming mermaid'

Hah! Now I know you're joking,
since everyone knows there are mermaids in the sea!

another easy bead pattern for a mermaid:

Here is a great pattern of seashells background.
You can print this, and add one of your paper cuttings to the front!

You can do the same thing with those pretty coral photos.
Wouldn't a simple scherensnitte mermaid look beautiful in front?

Yellow Sea Flowers

Well, I hope you are feeling a little bit cooler,
even if it's only in your dreams...


Have a wonderful day,
and look for something you haven't seen before
in your surroundings!


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