Sunday, July 24, 2011

Let's all go to the farm

(Norwegian for 'hi there')
Norwegian fjord

Ah, my heart hurts for Norway today.

I can't dwell on all the feelings and hurt however.
I just have to put some humor in the day,
even when I least feel like it.
Learned that from my dad - Dick Troup.

Here is a nice paper doll from Norway:


So let's take a trip to the farm today!

For some of you, that's a step outside your door;
For some, it is a journey....
either way, I know of nothing that calms spirits more than getting out
 and seeing the beautiful world that God has created,
and enjoying some of his beautiful creatures!

I'm starting off with one of my personal favorites -
The Pig
They are so smart, and have a fun personality!
Besides, come on...they're so cute!


"Animals are reliable, many full of love,
true in their affections, predictable in their actions,
grateful and loyal.
Difficult standards for people to live up to."

- Alfred A. Montapert

Betsy McCall has taken a trip to the farm.
Let's see what cute outfits she wore!

"For a good life:
Work like a dog.
Eat like a horse.
Think like a fox.
And play like a rabbit."
- unknown

"Lots of people talk to animals...
Not very many listen, though...
That's the problem."

- George Bernard Shaw

basket with all the fixins, you add the food/drink

We might have to pack a little to eat
on the way
once we get there
before we leave
on the way home....

felt patterns for yummy things by

Of course, we couldn't eat felt...


I bet we see some cows, before we even get to the farm!
Do you think they will look like this?

or like this?


Do you think a pretty maid in a bonnet will greet us?

Gilda Gray, 1926 magazine cover

Or a bossy ol' rooster?


Maybe we'll just meet his mother-in-law!

Mrs. Cluck rubber stamp from
(see addy at right)

Farms always have horses, right?

courtesy Dover Publications, addy to the right

You can print these out on sticker paper,
and have some great horse stickers to play with!

date unknown

I sure hope they have dogs!

embroidery transfer designs

and kittens too!

an applique pattern from turkeyfeathers

a kitten pattern to use with iris folding

Will there be a hoot owl in the barn?

Will they be dressed for company?

and throw us a shin-dig?


all dressed up for company!

Well, we've had a nice full day.
Let's cut out some paper dolls on our way home -

- to help us remember our day at the farm!

Have a good day,
and find an animal to pet.
It lowers your blood pressure!

Be sure to adopt from a shelter,
and always spay and neuter your pets.



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