Wednesday, July 13, 2011

International Musings

kia ora
(pronounced kia o ra)

Maori, literally meaning 'be well/healthy',
but translates into an informal "hi".

I really really like this graphics of the world and its peoples.
So many times we forget that we are all connected.
That's part of the reason I have enjoyed opening my blog with a "hello" or "Good day" in different languages.
Share it with a few people and chances are
you just might remember it!

I like this photo because it shows the world from a different perspective. Do any of you Americans own anything
(jewelry, clothing, scarf, etc.)
that shows the world NOT from the North American perspective?
How about you Europeans?
Do you own anything that shows your world
as NOT from the European angle?

Think about it!

let's have some international fun today!


recycled bottlecap magnets or necklaces
with Art Nouveau alphabets
completely hand colored by inkspired


a simple Japanese shore scene

yoshitsune samurai

Garden staircase, Kyoto, Japan

recycled bottlecap magnet by inkspired


Here are some absolutely GORGEOUS gardens in Canada:

Butchart Gardens in Victoria, Canada

Halifax Public Gardens created in 1836

another Canadian Garden

"We want to raise our children
so that they can take a sense of pleasure
in both their own heritage
and the diversity of others."

- Mr. Rogers aka Fred Rogers

I would like to share with you
a wonderful, vintage set of paperdolls from OrigamiBears.

Here are the first four:
July 14th is France's Bastille Day.


Dutch windmill

"The purpose of life is to listen -
to yourself, to your neighbor, to our world
and to God
 and, when the time comes,
to respond in as helpful a way as you can find...
from within and without."

- Mr. Rogers


You can find this book on Amazon:

Traditional Russian Babushka Dolls

also called Matryoshka Dolls

Make this your desktop computer background.
After a few weeks, you should recognize all of them!


Istanbul, Turkey

"Peace means far more than the opposite of war!"

 - Mr. Rogers

I will be doing more of the countries from this paper doll set
"10 Dolls from as Many Lands"
on future blogs.

Have a super duper day!


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