Wednesday, July 6, 2011

a Happy Birthday Party for Peter


If I could make you a fancy cake,
it would be a chocolate pirate ship.

We might even have to learn a pirate song,
just for your birthday!


pirate show at WDW, Florida

You would get a super, fantastic Happy Birthday
hand stamped card, perhaps like these:

'Ship at rest' by tyra smith




'Quiet Calm', Stampscapes 2008

I would make for you and your friends cool beaded patches to wear:

or perhaps mount this onto a leather wrist band?

Then I would have recycled bottlecap art
to give everyone,
some as pins, some as magnets:

for sale in my shop:

We will laugh,
and snort root beer up our noses
while eating Double Deckeroni Pizza
from Old Chicago.

Maybe Dad will tell us about the

And if I could, we would go to DisneyLand
and ride the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' 5 times in a row!
and spend lots of $$ in the Pirate gift shop!

At the end of the day,
we might have to eat more chocolate cake:

and go off to dream of ghost ships....

Glynda Taylor, 'ghost ship' 2003

and treasure....

Frank Godwin illustrator, 1925

and the treasures that we have
that cannot be measured
or counted by gold...

I love you, Peter.
Happy Birthday.


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