Monday, July 25, 2011

Dreams of Knights and Castles and Maidens Fair


Castle Burg Eltz in Germany - 12th century

I looked at some photo promotional shots of a couple of upcoming movies yesterday. One of them is 'Snow White and the Huntsman'.
But this is a very different version.
The promo shot has the heroine (Snow White) in a suit of armour.
As I said, very different!
But it kind of got me in the mood of a romanticized time of
honor and loyalty,
and of course the lovely maiden/princess/queen/etc.

So, today we will play in the castle,
and ride out for a jousting tournement!
We will have games for the children,
and pretty things for m'lady!
A slight breeze will have our banners fluttering!

a knight from c.1512

Medieval Knights jousting

A castle to color or use as a pattern for cut-art:

Many thanks to Dover Books for their free pages from the many books they offer for sale!

and a princess fair to live in the castle -


Bodian Castle

Straying from the fantasy for a moment,
notice there are very few windows?
The windows that I see
appear to be more for archery defense
than for any need for fresh air!

Another thing to think about -
the 'windows' that do exist had no covering over them.
Just an opening to the outide environment.
That's where "drafty old castle" comes from!

Castel del Monte
Italy, 13th century

Castle Caerlaverock
Scotland, c.1241 plus

Here are a couple of puzzles to have fun with!

You know, you can always right click on the image,
and it should come up in a larger size.
That way us old-timers can read that tiny, fine print!

castle Reinhardstein
Belgium, 14th century

That's it for today!
I have lots more castles, knights, kings and queens,
and more! to share.


answer key

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