Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cows, Hot Dogs and Ice Cream Days

Mooo Moo

Today is
Cow Appreciation Day!

Apparently they just don't get all the attention and fame they so deserve. So someone had July 16th made into an official "holiday"!
Does that mean the dairies give their cows a break today?
Plan a picnic for them?
Have little cow games to play?
Really, there should be ribbons involved somewhere.

How about the 'cow crop' as my rancher friend Shelly calls them?
Do they get music played to them today?
What music would a cow like?


I have read that some farmers play classical chamber music to their cows, and swears they produce more milk.
I have also read about a farmer that plays country music to his milking herd, and says they produce more milk.

They both did experiments on different kinds of cows.
Maybe their music preferences are regional?

You know, Texas cows want western music,
Tennessee cows want country
and those Northern cows want their classical?
Oh, the things we have to think about...
Good thing we use only a smallish portion of our brain.
Wouldn't want my brain to get too full or anything!

Cow craft!!!
smashed can cow

You can find the directions for this really cutesy cow at:
I know, weird address.
If it fails, do a GOOGLE search for favecrafts.,
but that is the addy on my searcher!
Aleene's Crafts has a book (which I own)
that has an entire Noah's Ark done with smashed cans!

Today is also
National Hot Dog Day!

How you like your hot dog
is usually influenced by where you live,
or where you grew up!

Here's a Chicago dog:

Here's a heart-attack-waiting-to-happen dog:

(Can I say that on National Hot dog Day?)

Here's the way I usually had my hot dogs:

side note:
NEVER use the branches of an oleander to cook hot dogs.
The branches are toxic. Learned that in Phoenix,
where oleanders are plentiful!


I don't know what region claims this as their 'own' hot dog,
but I ate a lot of these growing up:
A chili dog: hot dog, bun, chili, chopped onions and spicy mustard.
Plain mustard is okay too!

Paper Dolly Fun from the 1940's

and a must-have item for all dorm rooms:

Well, that's it for today's holidays.
There are many others, of course!

tomorrow is
National Ice Cream Day!!!

You might need to get started today...
so I am giving you a heads up!

"It is difficult to overcome one's passions,
and impossible to satisfy them."

 Marguerite de La Sabliere, late 17th century

ice cream cone costume

Do not attempt to eat.
Do not attempt to eat.

hee hee

Enjoy your cows
and your hot dogs today!

and it's okay with me if we all get a head start on tomorrow's
National Ice Cream Day!



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