Sunday, July 3, 2011

All American Paper Dolls for the 4th



As we Americans look forward to our celebration of becoming an independent nation on the fourth of July,
otherwise known as Indepedence Day,
let's have some all-American fun with traditional American themes!

Here is a lovely Stars and Stripes paper doll set for you to color:

The term "stars and stripes" is used as an expression of our flag - stripes in red and white,
and 50 stars - representing the 50 states of the USA.

Here is a  paper doll from the wonderful
American Girl series:

vintage color clip from Dover Books:


These next paper dolls are from the 'Pilgrim Period'.
This was a time when Columbus arrived in what is now known as parts of North and South America. 
He was quickly followed
by Spanish, English and Dutch explorers, among others.
Although Columbus didn't 'discover' North America, he was the first European that arrived, and returned back to Europe with news on how to get there (along with a lot of elaboration).
When Europeans came to this 'new land' to live,
they were called Pilgrims.

Of course, North America had already been settled by numerous tribes, collectively called "Native Americans" or
Indians (as Columbus thought he had actually hit India)
or The People.  I have also heard the phrase "The First Ones" used.

Here is a familiar doll/paper doll - Dolly Dingle.
This is just some of the many different dolls and costumes:


Here are paper dolls set in the pioneer days of the USA.
Print out and tape together the 2 backgrounds
for your paper dolls to play in.
Don't forget - If you mount them onto cereal box cardboard, they will stand on their own and will be much sturdier.

Oh, that's all the time I have for today.
Lots for you to cut out and play with!
see you tomorrow -


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