Monday, June 13, 2011

A Crafty Rosy Day


Since the Rose is June's Flower of the Month,
and there are like a bazillion things to read, inspire, decorate, etc. with roses, I thought today it would be fun to do some
Crafty Rose Things!

glassgemsbychristine, etsy
she handpaints all these!
Marvelous talent!

Let's get out the super duper crayola box
we should all have:

illustration by Alfred Parsons,
Austrian Brier Rose

You could also use watercolor pencils easily with any of these color-your-own designs.

This dress will fit yesterday's paper doll.
courtesy Liana's blog

courtesy Dover Books

Next is a lovely Rose pattern to use
 with the iris folding technique.
Use different shades of papers to get beautiful roses
of all different colors!
Remember to choose 3 - 4 different papers,
but in the same color group.

rose pattern removed at the request of bergkaarten

Redoute Rose painting

Here is a bead pattern of a rose:

Here is a lovey cake with roses on top.
You could easily do this with silk roses,
or be elaborate and make frosting roses!

Next up is a charming paperdoll
to personalize and color yourself:

Lots of Roses!
Thank you to OrigamiBears
for sharing her fabulous collection of paper dolls!

Take a peek at these lovely beaded felt roses for sale

Her work is just gorgeous!

Next I have a couple of vintage labels.
You can purchase fabric that will go through your printer! Download any rose picture, or vintage label like this one, and print it onto the printer friendly fabric! Then simply applique the print onto anything of your choice!
Some ideas:
pot holders/tea towels
child garments
a fabric parasol
vest, or shirt
tote bag

The Vintage Workshop has many different kinds of fabrics and papers that you can print on.
They also sell beautiful designs to use.

vintage labels

vintage illustration

That should be plenty
to get your creative cap on!
Be bold.
Fear is not in our vocabulary.
Try something new!
Try something outside your comfort zone,
outside what you already know how to do.
and most of all,

don't forget to giggle.


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