Sunday, May 22, 2011

vintage paper dolls and aprons

Today we will be visiting aprons.
This will be my quickie intro, with more tomorrow!

Dolls of the World (DOW) Barbie, 2nd edition, Germany, 1995

DOW Barbie, Italian, 2nd edition, 1993

DOW Barbie, Spanish, 2nd edition, 1992

As the above international dolls illustrate, 
aprons have been a part of many many different cultures, all over the world.

Of course! They are so handy!

They can also be decorative...

They can be part of a traditional costume....
DOW Polish Barbie, 1998

They can be part of our work....
vintage nursery rhyme illustration

They can protect clothes from spills and poofs when cooking...

They can be part of our play...
Kate Greenaway

They can be a part of gardening...
vintage illustration from The Turned Intos

There has been a revival in
interest of vintage aprons,
and all kinds of aprons, for the past several years.
There are specific books written just on the subject of aprons!
You can find free apron patterns all over the internet.
and yes, you can still purchase very vintage apron patterns!
Several companies have taken vintage apron patterns
and adapted them to an easier pattern for today's sewers.

vintage apron available at

This revival has brought more and more collectors
to the fun, kitschy, functional, crazy and beautiful heritage of

Liana has several beautiful and fun aprons as part of her large paper doll costume collection that she illustrates. Check out her blog to find more:

You can find the paper dolls that fit these aprons in many of my previous blogs,
or on Liana's blog site.

Let's finish up today with a little paper doll named Trixie,
based on the cartoon strip series 'Hi and Lois':

see you tomorrow, with recipes that you'll need an apron for,
some vintage apron patterns,
and more apron resources and history!

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