Monday, May 2, 2011

More Tulip Tales

Today I will be telling more tales about my tulips!

These are some of my Art Nouveau Alphabet letters that I have sized and tweaked, hand colored and placed in recycled bottlecaps, backed with very sturdy magnets:

I sell these in my etsy shop:
I like the little Dutch girls in the letter "I"!

(Yeah, I know. I need to get better pictures of my "L".)

Here are some paper dolls with tulips:

These are from a 10 Dolls, 10 Nations vintage paper doll set.
Thanks again to OrigamiBears. See side bar for web site.
courtesy of VivaLasVegaStamps: a flower fairy.
See side bar for web site.

courtesy of Dover Publications. See side bar for web site.

Yes, it's true. I have ONE tulip blooming now. It is very pretty, with a pink color.
I would like more tulips now!
I have many many buds, but no flowers yet.
I hope they survive the freeze and rain and even perhaps snow that we will probably get this month.

this is a finished card, using a Peddler's Pack stamp.
They have some really great ones!

 Here is a painting by Claude Monet.
I love his colors and brush strokes!
"Tulips in Holland" by Claude Monet

NikkiCrossApplesauce makes these wonderful origami tulips,
and sells them in her etsy shop.

Picnic Pockets

This is a kirigami cutting that I have done. Then I went back and filled in the 'holes' with leftover scraps of origami paper, to bring the design out.
It is one of my favorites!

Lovely silk tulip wreath by 

This is another of Laura Walsh Anglund's precious paper dolls:

A parrot tulip

I'd like to finish today with a photo that has many different, great ideas on how to display cut flowers. I hope you see something you will want to try!

Enjoy the rest of your day!


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