Saturday, May 7, 2011

Glorious Gardening

painting by Qui Ping, Chinese artist

Let's get dirty today!
That means, go get your gardening pants on,
grab some gloves and a trowel -
and Prepare To Get Dirty!

These are some of my recycled bottlecap magnets that I make.
You can find many more at my etsy shop:

"You cannot forget if you would
those golden kisses all over
the cheeks of the meadow,
queerly called dandelions."

- Henry Ward Beecher

more bottlecap magnets, but these are all made with recycled junk mail!

Here is a gardening paper doll from Finland:

The next paper doll set is vintage international, about France.
Apparently, French children love to garden!
At least in vintage times...

I like Bert and Ernie's way to garden!

"We can never have enough of nature."
- Henry David Thoreau

Let's bring some of that garden sunshine inside!
Take a peek at these cute little ladybugs -
so important for a healthy garden.

I don't really need to explain these other than:
Ritz Crackers, black licorice string, and either peanut butter or any kind of dip. Perhaps a dab of hummus?
They have placed little dabs of red icing (or?) for spots on top.

How cute and easy is that?
vintage clip

Every garden needs lady bugs to eat the other nasty bugs we don't want.

Good thing Liana has made a ladybug costume for our paperdolls....
By now you should have a nice folder full of Liana's costumes and dolls.
Two of the paper dolls will fit this pretty little ladybug!

A tongue twister:
big black bugs bleed blue black blood but baby black bugs bleed blue blood

Now, say that 5 times really fast. It'a great workout for your face and tongue!

Don't forget some other good garden friends:
a fairy Toad House by claysoul, etsy
She makes just wonderful toad houses!

Of course, if you live in a desert area

(that's d-e-s-e-r-t, NOT dessert!!)

you might want to try your hand at some
Mickey Mouse style of gardening:
ToonTown, Magic Kingdom, WaltDisneyWorld

Evidently, MM has access to some pretty special seeds:

"Better a dish of vegetables stewed with love
than the best of beef stewed with hatred."

- Proverbs chapter 15, verse 17, Holy Bible

A gardening gnome paper doll for you!

World War I  vintage poster

I think it is time for me to go dig out some weeds in my gardens, now!
I do grow a good, healthy weed...

Breaking News:
My tulips are so pretty now!


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