Saturday, May 28, 2011

FREEDOM and Memorial Day in the USA and others

American flag emblem

I had planned on sharing some super crafts with flowers, and especially pansies.
Kinda' having a punky day.
I knew I couldn't really do it justice like I want to.
So then I remembered
This is Memorial Day weekend!
In the USA it is actually celebrated on Monday, May 30th.

I know that each and every country has some special celebration
for a particular war that was won,
or an event that helped make that nation what it is today.
The Boer wars

While today's focus will be on the United States of America,
I look forward to celebrating other nations' significant holidays.
Do you have a special one that you'd like me to blog on?
Just drop me a note:

" Mothers all want their sons to grow up to be a President but they don't want them to become politicians in the process."
John F. Kennedy, 34th President


vintage clip

"Resistance to tyrants is
obedience to God."
- Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President

World War I vintage song sheet

Today, we remember all the ones that have given their life
to keep America what it is today,
what it can be tomorrow.



"The patriot's blood's
the seed of Freedom's tree."
- Thomas Campbell


"Our history is one of a people diverse in backgrounds but united in common values, facing one serious challenge after another. We have faced depressions, wars, injustice, and prevailed each time. We will prevail again, and with your help meet fully the challenges of our time."
- Jimmy Carter, 39th President

"Surely the hero
whose name is splashed in headlines
 for some singular spectacular deed of valor
is no more a patriot
than the unkown, steadfast citizen
who year after year quietly and unselfishly benefits his nation."
- Albert Carr

Revolutionary War montage, with George Washington in center,
soon to be America's First President.

vintage war poster

Franklin Pierce, 1850, 14th President

"What we need are critical lovers of America -
patriots who express their faith in their country
by working to improve it."
- Hubert Humphrey

James Polk, 1849, 11th President

Here is a safety pin Pin Pattern:

"I look forward to the status of private citizen
with gladness and gratitude.
To me, being a citizen of the United States of America is the greatest honor annd privilege in the world."
- Gerald Ford, 38th President 


I hope you have enjoyed this little blog
about patriotism, freedom, vintage songs and quotes.
I will continue it tomorrow.



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