Sunday, May 1, 2011

A few of my favorite things

Today I will be sharing a few of my favorite things, starting out with the French language, and one of my favorite fairy paintings!

Next up: Mermaids!
I do not have the artist's name for this lion fish mermaid, but I think the imagination and talent used in her is humongous!

a Max Gadd fabric block

Now, let's have some paper dolls - oh, and I might as well make them in the theme of my favorite things too! Two 'birds' with one stone:

I have 3 more pages of clothes I will post later.
When I was a girl, I had Liddle Kiddle paper dolls, and also the real dolls. I also had a plastic type doll house, with a carrying handle. The Liddle Kiddles fit into it perfectly! I was very sorry when I couldn't take it with me on one of our many moves.

Another favorite thing: sea life - a precious commodity that we have misused, abused and destroyed at an alarming pace. Here I have combined my love of the ocean, with my addiction to beads:

Midnight, by Mary Darwall

Here are some more of my favorite beads:

I made this bracelet from a necklace of my grandmother's. I knew I would never wear the necklace - the style did not fit me. BUT I wear this bracelet quite a bit!

I fell in love with name painting when I was on a vacation with one of my best friends - Glenda (Another favorite thing!). We took 10 days away from our families and drove to Orlando. We visited DisneyWorld (A HUGE favorite thing), of course, but also Sea World. There was this amazing artist there, doing sponge type paintings of names. The following examples are poor substitutes for the real thing:

(Danielle is also a favorite friend!)
If you google "name painting" you will find sites that do this sort of thing.
For Christmas one year my husband ordered a starter kit for me, with the paints, the sponges and a super book of tutorials. He also special ordered my name "inkspired" done in tropical name painting. I love it!
I love you Michael!

Here are 3 of my favorite things, all in one picture!
okay, I am going to have to put in some serious time to figure out why pictures that are not rotated in my files, turn up rotated in my blog!
That is a photo of my husband, and one of my sister-in-laws, and of course, the Fabulous Tanner - who is being a pest right now, so I will pause and go feed him!
Tanner, the Great Dane

Koda, the princess Great Dane. She was our only girl Dane we have adopted.
Luke, our first ever Great Dane.

Gardening, big ol' pots and the Denver Zoo - 3 favorite things.

One of the many beaded jewelry items I have made: combines my love of beads, and my love of netting.
This shows the Founding Fathers of our original American Indians, and then the Founding Fathers of the United States. I like the way it shows that there were living, thriving people here - before the Europeans landed. I hope to go and visit the stone monument in South Dakota soon.
I love the Chinese culture, and the Chinese styles of traditional paintings.

I also love the Japanese culture, and their sense of calm. Here is a favorite Japanese thing:
I have a book on 'how to do Brush Painting', and I am looking forward to learning that.
Here is a lovely Pop Up card, with flowers - 2 more favorite things!

I think that's enough for one day!

vintage photos - a favorite!

Until tomorrow's fun-

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