Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter lilies

Today is a bit of a punky day for me (although seeing the bright daffodil faces is very cheery!). I hope you don't mind, but today's post will be all EASTER LILIES.

Use them in Easter cards and greetings to friends and loved ones.

Print some out for the little ones in Sunday's church services.

Print some out to put on your refrigerator, or...


Here are some lovely edibles:
 this one is from
These yummy cookies are from
More vintage clip:

Here are some beautiful photos:

Let's not forget those coloring enthusiasts!

Next we have a botanical print and a colored pencil artist:


Here is a computer drawn type Easter Lily:

and I will finish today with a stunning Easter or Wedding garland.
The picture on the Left is from Martha Stewart.
The picture on the Right are artificial lilies, taken apart and restrung.
Can you tell the difference?
Let's finish with a lovely Easter card handmade by:
That's all for today.


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