Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Bright Easter

c. 1901

He is not here!
"....and here's the rest of the story...."

When some of Jesus' followers went to the tomb as soon as they could  to clean the body and annoint it and do the final preparations for burial,
(according to Jewish laws and traditions)
 the tomb's huge rock across the front was rolled to the side!
They needed to do these burial rituals, but the tomb was empty!
A bright shining angel was at the entrance, and announced:
"He is not here!"
Of course, being humans, they had to make sure themselves....
and there in the tomb were the hastily scrambled together clothing that they had wrapped Jesus' body in,
only there was no body.

This is Easter.
artist: Danny Richard Hahlbohm

Death could not hold Jesus.
He rose from the dead,
and with His new Resurrected body,
He was reunited with His Father.

He came to earth in this new body so His disciples could believe, and so there was no doubt that His body had not been stolen or disposed of. It just was no longer in the tomb....dead.
He also showed Himself risen,
as he had last minute preparations and instructions to His disciples.

So we color bright Easter eggs to symbol new life,
we celebrate with Easter lilies as they look like angels' trumpets,
we go to church to hear the Good News again,
We cluster with our families for Easter special foods,
We dress in our fancy best....
Because this is the one HUMONGOUS celebration of the year!

vintage Art Nouveau art


German Easter Greetings, vintage

and that's the rest of the story....

Blessing to all, and with a spirit of great joy,
I wish you a Blessed Easter.

I have added the correct artist's name to the wonderful blue Resurrection painting above!
thank you to a reader who urged me to find it!


  1. I love your blog and you are truly inspirational!
    Thank you and may God bless you real good. ~<3~

  2. Who is the author of the fourth picture of Christ's back walking out of the tomb?