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Fairy Wing Mobile


It is gray and bleary today. The skies are all one color of dirty snow. I don't really know what else to call it!'s a great day for indoor activities!

No, not cleaning silly.

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Time to make a Fairy Wing Mobile!

What you need:
clear or frosted plastic lids
fishing line or beading thread or sewing thread, in white
dimensional paint in frosty white or pearlescent
(Stickles glitter glue can also be used)
irridiscent glitter, white sparkle glitter, something like that
scratch paper
pencil, black marker
hole punch
craft scissors
a small grapevine wreath, purchased or
  a small embroidery hoop or
    large twig from backyard

   optional: pictures of butterflies and wings

First, sketch out a fairy wing. Think of a butterfly wing - there are many different styles and shapes. Go over your sketches with a thicker crayon or marker, so you have a good solid outline. It is okay to sketch in some inner wing decoration that you can use later in the project.

Place pattern on table, with clear plastic lid over it so you can still see the pattern through the lid. Trace onto lid.
If you are using frosted lids and you can't see the pattern, try cutting out the wing shape from paper or sturdy cardboard. Lay that on the lid and trace around it.
If  you want a frosty look but just have clear, try rubbing sandpaper over the lid in a circular fashion.

Make several of these in off numbers: 3, 5, 7, 9 etc.
Change the patterns slightly for fun!

TIP: I find it easier to decorate before I cut out

Now get out your dimensional or puffy paint. Trace around the outer shape of the wings. If you want to glitter them, now is the time to do it while the paint is wet.  Add dots, squiggles, hearts, wing lines - whatever the artist in you says to do.

TIP: If you want different colors of glitter, ALWAYS start with the lightest color first.

Pour glitter on desired section. Pour straight off so you know exactly where that glitter is going! In this way, you can repeat as many times as you want as long as you have a 'straight' line to the outer edge. If the lid is catching the glitter in the grooves, just cut off the outer rim.

Set aside to dry. Drying time is different due to humidity, width of paint lines, age of paint, etc.

While waiting for the wings to dry, you can decorate the top of the mobile.
You can wrap ribbon or yarn around the hoop, to completely hide it if you wish.  You can add in little sprigs of silk baby's breath to the grapevine wreath, and little wisps of ribbon or yarn. For the large twig I generally just like it as is! But you are the artist of this project.

When wings are dry, cut out carefully around each wing. Try NOT to cut into the dimensional paint, as this will cause it to chip off.

Punch hole in top of wing somewhere.

Tie thin ribbon or fishing line or thread into the hole of each wing. The lengths should be different for each wing.

Start attaching wings to upper hoop of mobile. Spread the wings around so the mobile will hang straight. Shorten wings for a better mobile if need be.
You can also tie wings so they hang in a spiral down from the hoop.

Tie 2 - 3 ribbons/thread/etc. to hoop, spacing them around. Don't tie tight at this time, as you will need to do some adjusting to the spacing so it will hang straight.

Tie bows at the top of each wing, or tie bows at the top of each hanging thread.

Ready to hang in a place with a slight breeze - like above a heater vent.

I hope you have enjoyed this little craft.
"In a utilitarian age, of all other times,
it is a matter of grave importance
that fairy tales shold be respected."
 - Charles Dickens

Have a good day!

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