Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 8 St Patrick's Day countdown, budget home decor craft, quotes n paperdolls

Today is Day 8 in our 10-day countdown to St. Patrick's Day!

"May you have warm words on a cold evening,
a full moon on a dark night,
and a road downhill
all the way to your door."

sheet music cover courtesy of Museum of Indiana Published Music.
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Here is an antique paper doll of an Irish miss, courtesy of origami bears:

I adore her site! It is a paper doll paradise, which she offers free of charge. She changes themes about 4 times a year, with all different paper dolls each time.
I'm smiling.......

Irish history
Paragon Publishing, 2002
"Saint Patrick is most famous throughout the world for reputedly having driven all the snakes out of Ireland. There are several different legends and tales of this event.....
...The earliest Irish historical document not written in ogham is St. Patrick's own 'Confession', written in untutored Latin. So not only is St. Patrick's 'Confession' the only contemporary narrative telling of the arrival of Christianity to Ireland, it also marks the beginning of documented history...."

A Budget Home Decorating Project:
After making a project with many snips of ribbons and lace left over, I just couldn't throw the snips away - they were so pretty! So, I came up with this budget recycling project -

Wash and dry cleaned StarBucks cappucino drink bottles - the kind you buy at the grocery store. Save lids.

tip: Hard to get the sticky residue off? Try Goo-B-Gone, if you can find it. Check at your local hardware store, or craft store. You can also use acetone (which I only have because my husband is a guy). Fingernail polish remover might work, if it has enough acetone in its' base. Sometimes a little cooking oil will remove sticky residue. Last resort? Try scraping it with a fingernail, and then scrubbing with a dish scrubber & liquid soap. I use Basic H, from Shaklee.

You now have a bottle that very closely resembles those sold in craft stores for scrapbooking and rubberstamping; filled with things like buttons, silk flowers, trims, etc.
They are not cheap...........but yours will be!!!!

Fill your bottles. You can spray paint the lid to match your decor, or decoupage a flower clipping on to the lid.
Be creative! Use up those dibs and dabs that are always left over after projects.
Wouldn't these look great with a big silk daisy hot glued onto each lid?

I have one recycled bottle filled with white buttons. I have another filled with all those lovely ribbon and lace snippets. I also have ones filled with color groups of decorative string, yarn and embroidery thread. Coordinate these with the color of your room! They look so pretty sitting on a shelf together.

Other ideas for 'filling':
small wooden spools with or without thread
decorative buttons
silk flower parts - the green stuff!
bobbins for your sewing machine
foreign coins
layered colored sands
fish tank colored pebbles
flattened marbles
dried flower pods
......the list could go on and on!

Let me know what you have filled your recycled bottles with!

Here is a treasury I have put together with wonderful recycle artists:

A kirigami card I have made, layering 2 different designs.

"Eat oranges
Hear the larks
Wait on the sun."
- John Muir

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