Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 3 Irish countdown, Barbies, Decoupage and Vintage song sheet graphics


Today I would like to share with you one of my passions -

Barbie, Barbie, Barbie!
Yes, it's true. I am an adult (so my age says) and I collect Barbies! I love the fancy dresses and costumes. The outrageous hair.  All the glitter and glam.
The fantasy of it all.
Here are a few examples of Irish Barbies that Mattel has produced:
"It's just a Barbie kind of world...."

Here are some great vintage song sheets, from Indiana's Music Libraries. See side bar for the link.

So, what can you do with these great images except just admire them?
Decoupage is such an easy project to do, and the results can look so professional.
My favorite decoupage medium? The standard Mod Podge is still one of the best. I have tried several others, which all seem to work fine. I do really like Aleene's products. She has a reverse decoupage glue and a napkin decoupage glue among many others.

Simple decoupage project:
Pick out an item. Some ideas:
   a frame with glass (use Aleene's reverse decoupage glue)
   a side table
   a frame with a large border
   a mirror with a large border
   a trinket box
   a wood stool
   a plaque
really, just about anything you want.

Now, just follow the directions on the bottle! I'm not going to repeat them here, they are so simple.

Hint: before you start, remove all surface dirt with a good scrubbing if needed, or remove wood dust with a tack sheet.

To use the Irish song sheets, click on the image. Copy and manipulate to the size desired. Watch for the pixels. That means if you blow it up too much it will be very grainy, or 'pixeled'.  Print. Wrinkling the printed paper can help some to disguise the larger 'pixels'. Lightly swipe a dark brown ink pad over the wrinkles to age it even further.
For a very distressed aged look, tear the edges. Practice! Then sponge on some of that great dark brown ink you have.

Apply decoupage glue as directed on the jar/bottle.

Fun hint: At this "wet" stage you can sprinkle on glitter! Try a little green sparkle, or some irridescent glitter!

While these examples are not done using song sheets, it will give you some ideas on how a copied picture can look:
Garden Shrine by inkspired

Here is an example of how decoupage glue can be used to glue
recycled paper scrap - in this case catalog pictures of book covers and then heavily sprinkled with glitter:
Fairy Book Box with closeup of inside by inkspired
Share your completed projects!
Found any tips that will help the rest of us?
Write and let me know!

"May the good Lord take a liking to you...
but not too soon!"
- Irish proverb


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