Thursday, February 17, 2011

More recycling Tip #1

Oh do please forgive me. I am so new to this blogging thing. I think I pushed a wrong button or something. Sorry!
Here is the rest of the recycling post:
       *Things to finish your recycled color water jars/Bottles"
1. Glass marbles. You can find these at your local craft store such as Michael's.
2. Add a fresh white carnation to each jar.
*****Cut the stems of the carnations once home. Immediately place in colored water. The carnation should draw the colored water up, and the petals will start to show the new color!
3. Add a sprig of evergreen or ivy to each bottle, or just to 1 or 2.
*****Always remove all leaves and bits that are below the water level. Keeps the water fresh and is better for the clipping.
4. Place a single white tissue paper flower in each jar as desired.
*****For a pretty table top display, arrange jar/bottles onto a mirror placed flat on the table. The mirror can have a frame, or just a plain mirror tile.
5. Shabby chic look - tear strips of gingham fabric and tie around the top of the jars. Embellish with a cameo at the center.
6. Victorian look - use several colors and textures of ribbons and lace. Tie around top of each jar. Add a metallic lacy charm to the center of each bow, or just to one or two.
7. Country look - use seam binding and rick rack to tie bow around jars. Hot glue buttons randomly all over the jar/bottles. Not too many, as you want the colored water to show through easily.

Please, show me your photos of this finished recycling craft! I love to see how other creative people interpret the same project.

My next beginner blogger goal: how to include photos!

Tommorrow's musings -
     my favorite cake recipe
     making a fairy basket
     collecting items for altered paper dolls

sending you all inky hugs,

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