Sunday, February 20, 2011

Altered Doll sites to look at

I am feeling kind of punky today, so I thought I would keep things simple. I am including some altered paper doll web sites, several from etsy.

If you haven't seen my etsy shop - take a peek!

This photo is part of National Geographic's copyrighted images.
It is to inspire you!

Here are a few etsy shops that feature altered art paper dolls:

Once you are at the shop site, you can type in a search box "altered paper doll" and see what that shop has listed under that  name.
The box is at the top right corner. The first box should say "This shop", and then you type in what you want to see (in this case, "altered paper doll") from this shop.

If you want to do a really fun search, click on the "This shop" arrow to the right. A menu will pop up. Click on handmade, put your "altered art paper doll" in the search box to the right, and a bunch of dolls will pop up. Explore. I find it addictive!
this is an address for one item. Check her out! She has scraps of sticker edges, a copy of a woman's head, gold mesh leftovers, glitter - many things that you have been collecting. Love the little silk flowers.
This is of an altered paper doll that has been made part of the cover of a journal.
This site is one of my favorites. It is always updated (around 4 times a year) and each update shows different paperdolls. You can download these for your personal use.

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